There are many contrasts in the new PRZHONSKAYA spring-summer collection, because the designer drew inspiration from the West and the East, from the North and the South - from all four parts of the world, which were separated for a whole year, but now are closer than ever. She also remembered her passion for painting and used the tie-dye technique to add bright colors and a touch of pure creativity to the clothing.

Helen Przhonskaya never tried to keep up with fleeting trends, clearly realizing for whom and why she creates clothing. This year of isolation gave her even more opportunities to reflect on her vision, define the core values of the brand and release a collection that would be in tune with both them and the renewed world.

The whole year we were deprived of the opportunity to travel and move freely, but it cannot be said that we were completely cut off from the cultures, ideas and images of different countries. Museums, theaters, galleries have gone digital, and even if this did not replace what was lost for the time, it helped to keep old ties and build new ones. The worlds of the North, South, West and East have become even more accessible, albeit visible only on screens. But these distant images came to life in the collection of the Ukrainian brand.

PRZHONSKAYA has always focused on convenience and practicality, but was not afraid of new and experimental. That is why the collection combines shiny silk and matte crinkled fabrics, similar to crumpled watercolor paper - so different, but invariably comfortable materials. The main color is white, which reminds of how you want to start everything from scratch. And bright accents reflect hope for a joyful future.

During the preparation of the collection, the designer researched the Japanese shibori technique, also known as tie-dye. Its essence is in hand-dyeing curled or folded fabric - hence the prints with blurred gray-blue spots. Also in the collection there is black and deep blue - the color of the night sky. Interestingly, the shibori technique itself unites different ends of the world: it is known as a Japanese craft, which actually originated in China in the 5th century, but was also used in the 6th century in Peru.

The electronic experimental music project Transcript, which has been collaborating with the brand for a long time, has recorded several tracks where nature is reflected in sound textures and rhythms. This music helps in just a few minutes to experience the entire palette of states, all those emotions - from fear to joy - that the seasons so cleverly manipulate. You can hear cold winter winds and magical frosty nights, energetic summer raves, autumn melancholy, as well as a salutary spring awakening.

All these ideas and images together make up a picture of the modern world, reminding how everything is interconnected, and also emphasizing that creativity and life will always pervade each other.