New PRZHONSKAYA collection - out of seasons, and with concern for nature

Light-colored dresses, light coats, trousers and other versatile items made from natural fabrics that are suitable for any season and can be easily combined with items from past collections.

For many years, we have been working on the concept of a smart wardrobe, the essence of which is to create better quality items, but in a smaller amount. Just a few well-tailored garments made from the right materials can replace a whole bunch of items, thus saving the planet's valuable resources that go into manufacturing them.

This time we decided not to divide the collections into spring-summer and fall-winter at all, because seasonality often interferes with universality and has not been so relevant since a long time. After all, it is quite cold in Iceland in summer, in Norway it rains constantly, and in Greece they are already sunbathing when there is still snow in Switzerland. And even here, in Ukraine, the last spring was more like October, and the summer is either rainy or sultry - the usual seasonal framework is increasingly difficult to define.

For the last collection, we looked for inspiration in all four parts of the world and in the cultures of different peoples, combining all our findings into one line. Now we are combining summer and winter seasons - not as opposite, but as complementary. In addition, in this line, we have put together the looks and important details that have appeared in our collections of past seasons. This suggests that we are consistent, that our vision is established, that we continue to develop ideas that are important to us. And this, of course, means that garments from different Przhonskaya collections are very easy to combine with each other - after all, we strive to make them to last longer.

Our hand-quilted garments are ideal for a light-colored wardrobe for a cool summer and then a warm fall. Velor coats made of cotton with metallic thread in its’ composition were very popular last spring, so now these looks are back in a new color and with an expanded model line. A bomber jacket, a long robe, a wardrobe trunk-coat and a dress - all items seem to be created for cozy evenings in a country house, but at the same time they work great for going out in the city. You can safely combine a summer dress with a soft cashmere coat, mix trousers and skirts with shirts and cardigans from different collections - combine everything with everything, but stay within the framework of the once chosen image and style.

We continue to follow the rules that help us to care for the environment:
- We use over 80% organic materials in our collections. We cooperate with factories that work as part of the global 4sustainability® project and do not use toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment in their production;
- We do not try to come up with as many items as possible for each collection, even now - within the framework of the combined seasons;
- We create double-sided and the most versatile wardrobe items so that one can easily replace several at once;
- This time we also used fabrics for the lining that remained after the production of the previous collection. So now it's even more likely that this year's coat will make the perfect match with a shirt from the past year.