The idea of the collection spins around the creation of multifunctional clothes. Outerwear lies at the heart of the collection. This season, the designer decides to create reversible garments. Light trenches made of perforated cotton in combination with linen sleeveless vests that can be worn both sides are the highlights of the collection.

Volume, shape and cut dominate through the entire range of dresses, tunics, skirts, trousers, blouses and jackets.

The midi-length, the a-shaped silhouette and the cut with echoes of the 50's contribute to the femininity and gives it a new perspective. The abundance of textured fabrics, which are combined in one piece, creates a complex image couched in minimalistic shapes.

Air and originality, volume and movement, which can be traced in the first part of the collection, are contrasted with the classic silhouettes of manlike jackets.

Contrastive color solutions of the collection, with the white color dominating, are diluted with light impregnations of the beige checked organza.
Elegant sets made of technological, perforated and "devore" fabrics, complete the collection.
The spirit of fairytales inspires its style, subtle irony, elusive femininity and mystery.

Fabrics – cotton, linen, silk, viscose. These are light and breathable summer fabrics.
Accessories – transparent vinyl bags.

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