fall / winter
Back to the origins of the human history, reflecting on its sequence and chronology, spirituality, human tendency to perception of the universe in all its manifestations, and biological mission, a certain concept is formed. The image of the militant woman, as a symbol of wilder weaves of animal instincts of humanity, aggression, lust for power and intolerance with the desire for beauty, harmony and creation of own vision of time in various artistic and intellectual forms.

Minimalism. Fancy cut combined with the geometry of the lines, silhouette and print. Pronounced visual centers, spatial structures and their interaction, as well as the well-planned proportions work for the suit composition, bringing it to its logical conclusion. Complex cut without nonsense details, excellence of form and silhouette, contrast of textures and color accents are the techniques used by the designer to create a perfect image of a modern, thinking personality.

The collection is traditionally divided into 4 blocks by their purpose: the block of upper clothing, informal elegant suites, knitwear and evening dresses. Jackets, vests and coats have the primary meaning of the collection and are a hallmark of the PRZHONSKAYA brand. Smooth, soft forms of knitted dresses and tunics contrast with clear graphic cut of items.

High-quality fabrics are used in the collection - wool, jacquard, curled fabric, knitted jersey, knitted mesh and perforated leather.
Contrast, and monochrome, geometry and clarity are the main components of the color combinations in the products. Bright turquoise places accents in the entire collection in a variety of
proportions and doses. Black and milk are the main colors of the collection. The graphic structure of the jacquard in turquoise checks is the emotional and logical center of the whole system of the collection.