fall / winter
Creation as a method of expressing a human inner world is complicated, many-sided and eternal. By creating subjective values with close cooperation of an individual and reality, a man subliminally or consciously strives to make surrounding world better by generating new desired objects. By changing ourselves we change reality.
Monumentality, stone coldness, restraint and sculpturesqueness are expressed in forms and silhouettes. Statics and symmetry stand for awareness and sharpened transparency of thought. Purity of lines and minimalism of details highlight strong points of the collection heroine. Neat volume shapes form a space for constructive actions.
Volcanic glass – obsidian which brings energy of the Earth inside a human body – is a mascot of Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection.
Top quality cashmere coats are main highlights of the collection and a calling card of the brand. They leave space for transformations and modifications with the help of belts and scarves.
Style – minimalism and new classics.
The collection is dominated by long soft coats, short overcoats and waistcoats, and also high quality long wool jacquard jackets. These may be complemented by dresses made of volume exposed fabrics, overalls, blouses, skirts and trousers.
Collection colours – dark turquoise, emerald, black and grey.