Helen Przhonskaya started her work on the new collection under the impression from the science fiction film "Things to Come".
Inspired by the science fiction and romance in the spirit of Jules Verne, the designer creates her vision of the future in the fall-winter collection, dedicated to the laconicism of the 1940’s aesthetics.

New collection traditionally presents a big variety of coats that became the key-piece of the brand. Outwear has a classic cut with sharp collars and lapels. It’s not the first time when the designer skillfully balances between feminine and masculine, white and black, clear lines and men's cuts in silhouettes.

The main colors of the collection are black, gray, white, warm yellow and copper gold. There are also two prints: plaid and polka dot.

Classical cuts of 40’s are interweaved with technological and laminated fabric, wool-plaid and polyethylene. PRZHONSKAYA uses a lot of soft, one-sided and two-sided fabrics in this collection. It is complemented with rep ribbon, romantic accessories and metal details. All of this creates a connection between the past and the future.