PRZHONSKAYA spring-summer 2020 collection makes up a universal wardrobe of a traveler who does not plan his route in advance, but knows exactly what he wants to feel like on a trip.
The collection is based on voluminous jackets and light trench coats made in the classical style with elements of a men's suit. We created the sets that remind of work clothes as a tribute to utilitarianism and practicality. The collection is complemented by dresses and sundresses with soft draperies and neat folds in the style of the 20s of the last century, as well as high waist skirts and trousers.
Fabrics – cotton organza and cotton with tie-dye effect, crush velour, linen and silk.
Prints that imitate the splatter on a traveler’s clothes, the effect of faded fabric and check are our way of telling stories with the help of details.

We were inspired by nature, so we used natural colors – beige, sand, olive and sagebrush.
Can’t go without basic black and white – a traditional contrasting pair of the brand.
Bright accents of almost neon shades of pink, bright green and blue, which we used in accessories and removable parts, were peeped on nature – in plumage in exotic birds.

The protagonist dressed in our clothes is a traveler, not desperate, but completely conscious. He listens to nature, senses every smell, taste, color, freezes in the way and catches moments, and is not afraid to explore new paths.
With this approach, it's best to always be ready to pack your suitcase quickly. Our jackets, raincoats, suits are the clothes that will help you to feel in harmony with nature, to hide from the sun and wind, but still feel their warmth and freshness. This is the minimum you can’t do without.

That is what our essential concept of clean wearing is all about – the conscious approach to choosing what accompanies you every day.
The constant presence of two-sided pieces in PRZHONSKAYA collections origins from this philosophy, which says that quality should prevail over quantity.
The choice of clothes is about the ability to listen to yourself and take care of yourself, to even limit yourself in some way, but certainly not in comfort and imagination.