spring / summer
Revealing mysteries of the future, creating a mood of evasive solitude turning into the sense of similarity with affined creatures in the universe, intergalactic travels and realizing oneself a consistent, complete and comprehensive being in the world of illusion. These tasks and reflections resulted in a unique method of communicating emotion from author to the audience by virtue of clothing.
In our search for clarity and simplicity we addressed the sources of nature.
The glass that inspired our creativity has proved to be the very point of focus in the whole story titled "The Way of Eternity".

Minimalism of the form and constructivism in the details. The sense of both form and silhouette prevails over the ordinary and formlessness. Rhythm and dynamics inherent in the collection reflect manifestation of futuristic motifs.

The collection comprises purposeful sets of clothes: formal casual wear, informal dressy-look garments and elegant evening dresses.
Dynamics of the collection’s idea development is demonstrated by change of colour, change of symmetry into asymmetry, as well as by variation of the clothes length.
The collection range is complete and comprehensive: dresses, blouses, pants, skirts and tunics are interchangeable and complementary. In the set of formal casual wear the emphasis is made on the trench coat and sleeveless jacket, with these items doubtlessly being the brand's calling card. Structural fragmentation as well as intricate fit on a fairly simple and extensional form ensure collection awareness.
The collection colours have been intentionally selected from those within the palette ranging from beige and yellow, sand beige and pale pink to shades of milk white.
In selection of fabrics preference was given to jacquard with "floral" and "animal" patterns symbolizing life in all of its manifestations, as well to viscose, silk batiste and dense cotton
Author's accessories made of glass are an important part of the collection. Collaboration with a glass workshop helped in discovering forms that are simple but unique in their meaning. When combined with metal balls symbolizing mercury, they bear a minimalist and enigmatic look.