While working on a new fall/winter 2019-2020 collection, we wondered what made people to inhabit the most remote corners of our planet, to adapt to life in the most hostile conditions, in the highlands with discharged air, and on the land scorched by volcanoes? How do people learn to interact with nature and live in harmony with it? What are the limits of human endurance and thirst for knowledge?

Inspired by nature, we have used textured natural fabrics imitating moss, soot, volcanic glass and rocks.

At the heart of the collection - classical elements combined with hyper-large shapes and sports details.

Functional double-sided items, coats, jackets with soft shoulder line and pleated jersey dresses are the core collection models.

We added soft sweaters made of goat down to classic sets, as well as hefty long poncho.

Fabrics - wool, knitted bulk fabric, "boucle" fabric, cotton and silk. Decorative elements - sleeves from raincoat fabrics. One of the peculiarities when creating garment was the use of scarves made of goat down.

Collection colors - brown, beige, black, dark green with white accents, plaid print.