Fall/winter 2017-18 collection was inspired by the idea of ​​creating a multifunctional garment. Along with all the changes in a brand, this collection was called "transformation", where the main element - outerwear, can be changed and become a multipurpose part of the wardrobe. It could be done using unfasten sleeves, zippers and capes.

Visually this collection was inspired by virtual reality, trips to the fictional worlds and the future technologies. Multi-layer looks and the option to transform clothes create space for imagination, where everyone can create a custom look in a single copy.

Style of this collection is classical with sporty elements. There are a lot of accurate handmade techniques used in this collection. There are also metal fittings and double-sided fabrics used, which makes the garment not only beautiful to others, but for the person who wears it. The main fabrics of collection are - velvet, wool, jersey and fine wool used in suits. Different patterns of fabric underline the eclectic idea of ​​virtual and technological. The main colors are black, beige, gray, emerald green.