Following the concept of “clothing-shell”, which has been reflected in the last collection, as well as the fusion of constructive details and soft silhouettes, the designer used to the elements of classical costume and lingerie lines aesthetics. The collection is built on contrasts o f soft fitted silhouette and rigid structural lines, using technological fabrics for outerwear that protects against cool wind of a summer night, but has a soft texture inside.
Drawing her inspiration from the wonders of the Earth, the designer takes us to the desert of fogs called Namib. The perfect combination of yellow sand and blue sky is reflected in the color palette of the collection.
Traditionally, the collection focuses on the outerwear, which is the hallmark of the brand.
Silhouettes look relaxed, calm and minimalistic, but almost every piece of clothing has its own peculiarity: asymmetrical edges, elements of corset or flirty ruffles, soft draping. There are also transformable clothes, which can be worn one piece on top of another creating multiple layers. The emphasis on the minimalistic, clean style created using large buttons, brooches made of plastic and metal circular rings and eyelets.
Fabrics are particularly noteworthy: the designer has chosen a variety of tech fabrics that require a special treatment before the start of production. For example, cotton fabric, which becomes soft, elastic, with a slightly digested effect after washing, double-sided PU coated linen and viscose / linen with paper effect. Soft striped suit fabrics, silk with linen are also present in the collection.