fall / winter
The Idea of the collection is showing the femininity and feminine energy, beauty and harmony by means of volume, texture and proportions.
Textures and geometry of lines are paid much attention in collection.
Soft, pristine images that are presented in light palette create monochrome compositions which contrast
with saturated ink structures made of textured fabric named "raven wing".
Transition from light colored to dark colored is the central color concept of the collection and reflects the symbolic division of the day into phases - morning, daytime and evening.
Inclusions of color products made of cashmere, knitted sweaters with the exclusive made interweaving reminiscent of the stylized sunset, add a certain coziness to the collection.
Textures created by nature play a great role in collection formation and are the starting point for the main idea which is - the sacredness of human contact with the environment.
The essence of the collection is outwear, that became a hallmark of the brand. The coats presented in the collection underline the need for tactile senses, softness and protection.
Fabrics: fleecy cotton, viscose, wool knitted fabric, cashmere, bouclé wool, cashmere, natural leather.
Colors: ink, milk white, saturated emerald green and blue, and sky blue.